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     To reaffirm the status of the Antarctica as a special conservation
area, and to enhance the framework for the protection of the Antarctic
environment with its dependent and associated ecosystems.

Summary of provisions

     (a) A statement of the environmental principles governing the
conduct of States Parties in relation to the Antarctica.  The basic
principle is to protect the Antarctic environment and dependent and
associated ecosystems as well as the intrinsic value of the Antarctica
with its aesthetic values, as well as its status as a place of research
(art. 3);

     (b) Requirement of cooperation among States Parties in the
planning and conduct of activities in the Antarctic Treaty area (art.

     (c) Prohibition of mineral resource enterprises in the Antarctic
Treaty area, save for purposes of scientific research (art. 7);

     (d) Requirement of environmental impact assessment in the
Antarctic Treaty area in respect of activities that are likely to
entail significant adverse environmental consequences (art. 8);

     (e) Machinery is established for effecting consultation and
monitoring in respect of activities undertaken by States Parties in the
Antarctica (arts. 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14);

     (f) Responsibility is placed on States Parties for appropriate
action to deal with any emergency that may ensue from their activities
in the Antarctica (art. 15);

     (g) Obligation is placed on States parties to report  annually on
actions taken by them to implement the Protocol (art. 17);

     (h) Dispute settlement procedures are set out (arts. 18, 19 and

     (i) The Protocol has a schedule on arbitration.

     (j) The Protocol has the following annexes:  environment impact
assessment;  conservation of Antarctic fauna and flora;  waste disposal
and waste management;  prevention of marine pollution.


     The Protocol is open to any State which is a Contracting Party
to the Antarctic Treaty.

     Date of adoption               3.10.1991
     Place of adoption              Madrid, Spain
     Date of entry into force       Not yet in force
     Languages                      English, French, Russian, Spanish.
     Depositary                     United States of America

     Participant                               Signature
     -----------                               ---------
     Argentina                                 4.10.1991
     Australia                                 4.10.1991
     Austria                                   4.10.1991
     Belgium                                   4.10.1991
     Brazil                                    4.10.1991
     Canada                                    4.10.1991
     Chile                                     4.10.1991
     China                                     4.10.1991
     Colombia                                  4.10.1991
     Democratic People's
       Republic of Korea                       4.10.1991
     Denmark                                   4.10.1991
     Ecuador                                   4.10.1991
     Finland                                   4.10.1991
     France                                    4.10.1991
     Germany                                   4.10.1991
     Greece                                    4.10.1991
     Hungary                                   4.10.1991
     India                                     4.10.1991
     Italy                                     4.10.1991
     Netherlands                               4.10.1991
     New Zealand                               4.10.1991
     Norway                                    4.10.1991
     Peru                                      4.10.1991
     Poland                                    4.10.1991
     Republic of Korea                         4.10.1991
     Romania                                   4.10.1991
     Russian Federation                        4.10.1991
     South Africa                              4.10.1991
     Spain                                     4.10.1991
     Sweden                                    4.10.1991
     Switzerland                               4.10.1991
     United Kingdom                            4.10.1991
     United States of America                  4.10.1991
     Uruguay                                   4.10.1991