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Full text of the "Benelux Convention Concerning Hunting and the Protection of Birds" is available.

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                            (as amended)


      To harmonize legislation and regulations relating to hunting
and the protection of wild birds in the three contracting States.

Summary of provisions

      (a)  Parties to standardize their classification of different
types of game into four categories;

      (b)  Parties to harmonize their regulations for open and
closed seasons for hunting and for weapons, ammunition and means of

      (c)  Areas in which shooting is permitted to have minimum

      (d)  Regulations concerning the transport and sale of game to
be standardized;

      (e)  Parties to protect birds, other than those classified as
game, their eggs and their nests.


      Restricted to the three signatory States.

                                              Amendment     Amendment

      Date of adoption           10. 6.1970   20. 6.1977     23.6.1987
      Place of adoption          Brussels,    Luxembourg                          Belgium
      Date of entry into force   1. 7.1972    1. 2.1983      23.6.1987
      Languages                  French, Dutch
      Depositary                 Benelux Economic

      Participant                   Entry into force
      -----------                   ----------------
      Belgium                           1. 7.1972
      Luxembourg                        1. 7.1972
      Netherlands                       1. 7.1972