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Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI) -- UNEP Summary File

Full text of the "Convention for Cooperation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West and Central African Region and Protocol (1981)" is available.

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                         AND CENTRAL AFRICAN REGION


       To protect the marine environment, coastal zones and related
internal waters falling within the jurisdiction of the Sates of the
West and Central African region.

Summary of provisions

       The Parties shall:

       (a)   Take all necessary measures to prevent, reduce, combat
and control pollution of the Convention area (art. 4), particularly
pollution from ships and aircraft (arts. 5 and 6), land-based
sources (art. 7), and activities relating to exploration and
exploitation of the sea bed (art. 8) and pollution from or through
the atmosphere (art. 9);

       (b)   Prevent, reduce, combat and control coastal erosion (art.

       (c)   Protect and preserve rare or fragile ecosystems, as well
as the habitat of depleted, threatened or endangered species and
other marine life in specially protected areas (art. 11);

       (d)   Cooperate in dealing with pollution emergencies in the
Convention area (art. 12), and in exchanging data and other
scientific information (art. 14);

       (e)   Develop technical and other guidelines regarding
environmental impact assessment of their development projects (art.

       (f)   Establish rules and procedures for the determination of
liability and the payment of adequate and prompt compensation for
pollution damage of the Convention area (art. 15).

       Since 23 June 1981, the Convention is open for accession by
any coastal or island State from Mauritania to Namibia inclusive, on
condition that the State also becomes a party to at least one of its
related Protocols.  After the entry into force of the Convention,
any other African State may accede to the Convention subject to the
same condition.  The instruments of ratification, acceptance,
approval or accession must be deposited with the Government of Côte

       Date of adoption              23. 3.1981
       Place of adoption             Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
       Date of entry into force       5. 5.1984
       Languages                     English, French, Spanish
       Depositary                    Côte d'Ivoire

       Participant                    Entry into force
       -----------                    -----------------

       Cameroon                           5. 8.1984
       Congo                             19. 2.1988
       Côte d'Ivoire                      5. 8.1984
       Gabon                             11. 2.1989
       Gambia                             5. 2.1985
       Ghana                             18. 9.1989
       Guinea                             5. 8.1984
       Nigeria                            5. 8.1984
       Senegal                            5. 8.1984
       Togo                               5. 8.1984

Convention Secretariat

Oceans and Coastal Areas Programme Activity Centre (OCA/PAC)
United Nations Environment Programme
P.O.Box 30552, Nairobi
Telephone:  254-2-621234
Fax:        254-2-226890
Telex:      22068 UNEP KE