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Yuan, Bocong; Wang, Zhaoguo; Li, Jiannan. 2020. Social vulnerability and infant mortality in space dimension: an investigation of the world’s most underdeveloped West Africa coastal area. [International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare] . 13(3): 239-248 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1108/IJHRH-10-2019-0077
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Edmonds, Christopher; Wiegand, Martin; Koomen, Eric; Pradhan, Menno; Andrée, Bo Pieter Johannes. 2018. The impact of road development on household welfare in rural Papua New Guinea. [Financing Infrastructure in Asia: Capturing Impacts and New Sources] Ed(s): Yoshino, Naoyuki; Helble, Matthias; Abidhadjaev, Umid. pp: 189-235
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