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Thematic Guide to Integrated Assessment Modeling

(Published in 1995)



Welcome to the Model Visualization Service's Thematic Guide Overview. This page is intended to provide you with a brief description of the Thematic Guide. This page will also discuss what elements are included in the guide.


What is the Thematic Guide?

The Thematic Guide provides users with a variety of information regarding the integrated assessment of global environmental change. The guide contains both general and detailed information which will enhance the ability of users to understand the often confusing discipline of integrated assessment. Not only is integrated assessment defined and explained, numerous articles and abstracts can be accessed which provide detailed discussion of the contemporary issues associated with integrated assessment modeling.


Navigating the Thematic Guide

The Thematic Guide has several "entry points."

In Search of Integrated Assessment links you to the beginning of the guide and enables users to access a detailed overview of integrated assessment written by Dr. Edward A. Parson and Karen Fisher-Vanden of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

The Usage Guide provides background on how to use the information available through the MVA service. It is built around essays describing the development and use of integrated assessment models.

The EOS Data link discusses the use of EOS and other satellite data in integrated assessment models.

The Background Articles link allows you to access numerous articles and abstracts dealing with a host of issues relating to the integrated assessment of global climate change.

The Design Issues link sends you to Section 3 of In Search of Integrated Assessment which addresses the complex set of issues associated with designing integrated assessment models.

The Model Profiles link sends you to Section 4 of In Search of Integrated Assessment which discusses several individual integrated assessment models.



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